How Much BS Is In Your Workplace?

Welcome to the “How Much BS Quiz”!  It’s the first survey of its kind to attempt to broadly measure the relative amount of absurd overhead and ridiculous behaviors that plague the workplace.

During this quiz you will be asked to respond to a variety of questions. Some may seem obscure but there is a method to all of this. Feel free to guess if you don’t know the exact answer.

Q: If my workplace were a feature film, it would be:


Q: How long is your company’s mission statement?


Q: How many times does the official description of your company these common words and phrases?

2.0, Alignment, Best of Breed, Best practices, Big data, Cloud, Collaboration, Convergence, Customer-centric, Disruptive, Diversity, Empowerment, Enable, Gamification, Globalization, Holistic, Integrated, Leading, Leverage, Mission Critical, Next Generation, PaaS, Paradigm, Proactive, Robust, ROI, SaaS, Seamless, Sustainability, Synergy, Value-added.


Q: Your CEO announces a “brown-bag lunch” where she will talk about corporate strategy. Because it’s during lunch hour, “attendance is voluntary.” That phrase means which of the following?


Q: How many management methodologies (TQM, BPR, 360-degree reviews, Stack Ranking, etc.) has your firm implemented or attempted to implement in the past five years?


Q: If your company has or had a Chief Marketing/Sales Officer (CMO), a Chief Information Officer (CIO) and a Chief Financial Officer (CFO). In terms of “clout,” they’d be ranked in what order?


Q: If a manager has an unpleasant task (e.g. a backlog of data entry), he or she will typically do which of the following?


Q: How would the employees in your company be most likely to characterize your competition?


Q: When discussing a new market, managers in your company would most likely use what type of metaphor?


Q: When you go on business travel, what must be done with the expense report?


Q: The fastest way to “get ahead” inside your company would be to do which of the following?


Q: Where you work, the length of the average PowerPoint presentation is how long?


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