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Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 3.29.30 PM "I'm getting a 50% response rate from that initial email. It's like you said, once you tweak it and it's the right message and going to the right person, it's amazing." -- Leslie Crowe, Entrepreneur TimPaulson"It has just been remarkable. Some of the program seems like common sense but it really isn't. I had a 30 year advertising career and you'd think by now I'd know a lot this stuff. " -- Tim Paulson, Ad Exec KiuLeung"I want to share my experience of working with Geoffrey.  I find my experience extremely useful, extremely helpful." -- Kiu Leung, PhD, Management Consultant

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  • "The perfect gift for your high school and college grads."-–Forbes
  • "Cut(s)s through the froth, falsehood and malevolence that often seep into business interactions." — Success Magazine
  • "What they don’t teach you in school about making your way in the workplace." — Hartford Business Journal
HTSIB2B"Geoffrey James, the best writer in the B2B sales, has gathered compelling, relevant, and thoroughly field-tested content from the experts in fifteen critical B2B selling areas and served them up for you in a powerful, organized, and deliciously consumable way. If you're in sales or sales management you're going to LOVE this book."--Dave Stein, Author of Beyond the Sales Process