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BWTBS1Business Without The Bullsh*t is now available wherever fine books and ebooks are sold:


“The perfect gift for your high school and college grads.”

“All killer, no filler.”New Hampshire Union Leader

“What they don’t teach you in school about making your way in the workplace.”Hartford Business Journal

“The most useful, snappy career book I have seen in maybe five years.”Penelope Trunk

“Cut(s)s through the froth, falsehood and malevolence that often seep into business interactions.”Success Magazine

“The most timely book of 2014.”Guy Kawasaki

“Chock full of helpful ideas you can start right now.”800CEORead

“A quick, impactful primer for anyone wanting to be more effective on the job.”Publisher’s Weekly

What The Book is About:

Do you think management fads like stack ranking and consensus management will make your workplace run better? Nonsense-they’re faux panaceas that harm more than they help.

Do you think you’ll get ahead by putting up with annoying coworkers, workplace bullies, and bad bosses? A few well chosen words can defuse someone else’s shenanigans for good.

Has anyone ever advised you to stay out of office politics? Balderdash. Politics are an integral part of getting business done.

There are millions of books out there by management gurus who want you to believe the business of business is tricky. But award-winning blogger Geoffrey James has spent his career talking to world-class executives and thousands of employees, and he’s discovered that business is simple when you know how to get around the bullsh*t.

With 49 easy-to-understand secrets and shortcuts you need to know, James explains how to clear the clutter from your work life so you can achieve real and lasting success. You’ll learn how to:

  • Earn the respect of your peers
  • Find and keep your dream job
  • Use layoffs to build your career
  • Give unforgettable presentations
  • Neutralize workplace bullies
  • Nail that all-important email
  • Achieve lasting career security

Full of the bluntest secrets from the most successful workers, BUSINESS WITHOUT THE BULLSH*T gives you the essence of what you need to know to achieve a successful and meaningful career in the business world.
Top Sales World - Summer Reading 2014

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